Le Tiro Cine

In production


Sebastián Muñoz

1970. The Prince, moved by jealousy and doubts about its sexuality, kills the Gipsy, his bestest friend. In jail he'll meet the Horse, a respected gangster in prison through which will discover, by force, the immense human need of love and being loved.



Direction - Sebastián Muñoz

Screenplay - Luis Barrales, Sebastián Muñoz

Production - Niña Niño Films, El Otro Film

Co-Production - Le Tiro, Be Revolution Pictures

Producers - Roberto Doveris, Marianne Mayer-Beckh

Co-Producers - Nicolás Grosso, Federico Sande Novo, Griselda González Gentile, Mark Leonard Rees

With the Support of - CNCA, INCAA, Programa Ibermedia, Cine en Construcción San Sebastián, SANFIC Industria, Paris Coproduction Village